Teaching is a pillar of our fellowship that supports the development of the total self. Christian Education fosters an understanding of how the theological and the practical hold together. We understand Christian Education to be a continuum; we are always journeying and never arriving. Every ministry at Shalom Church has a foundation of Christian Education.

Wisdom Wednesdays give Family Members and Friends the opportunity to explore biblical principles taught by Pastor Clark.

Saturday classes are offered to Family Members who seek self-devlopment. These classes are at the Lindbergh Campus on the second Saturday of every month. Click here for a listing of classes being offered. 

New Members Class

New Members Class is a single session designed for New Family Members of Shalom Church. The New Family Member has an opportunity to learn about our Pastor, the pillars of the church (Preaching, Teaching and Praying), and the ministry as a whole.

As a commitment to the education of our youth the Educational Support Ministry has gathered some resources that will be helpful to our youth.  The following links are information and resources that can be used to support our youth in their academic journey.   If you have information that is worthy of sharing, please pass it on to the Educational Support Ministry at