We Worship in Giving
We first give ourselves to God and then to one another. We give our tithe because we understand that all comes from the Creator and it is only ours through stewardship.

Christian Stewardship
begins with an acknowledgement that God is the Creator. Our material wealth and all the gifts of life come from God.  We are not owners, we are stewards. All that we possess belongs to God. We are to use our resources according to the will of God. We shall find the fulfillment of our lives in doing the will of the Creator.

Ways To Give

Realm allows you to review your personal information. It is also a flexible and secure feature that allows you to pay and manage all your church contributions on-line. You can accomplish a variety of tasks such as updating your email and other contact information.


In addition to our online giving feature, we can now use the latest secure technology available to us. We can give using our smartphones... it's called Text Giving. You can give via text using debit/credit cards and ACH payments. All that's needed is to text 73256, the keyword is SCCOP, and it takes about 2 minutes to set up a payment method, which is saved for future text gifts. While on vacation you can watch the worship over LIVE STREAM and GIVE the same day. What a blessing!

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