Shalom Preschool & Child Development Center

Established in 1995, Shalom Preschool & Child Development Center (CDC) is committed to providing a nurturing Christian environment where each child will have an opportunity to develop and learn as a unique individual.

Our Philosophy

  • Each person can learn to value himself/herself and to value other people’s feelings, needs and individuality.
  • A warm and nurturing environment is necessary to develop a positive self-image, foster creativity and increase the desire to learn.
  • We value children’s play as their means for translating experiences into understanding.
  • We encourage the development of motor, sensory and perception skills in order to prepare children for future educational and life experiences.
  • We value the significant role of the family in the child’s development and work to maintain close ties between home and school.

The Curriculum

Preschool and Child Developement Center activities are age appropriate and meet the intellectual needs of each child.  Children will have experiences in the following areas:

  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Language Arts
  • Math/Science
  • Art
  • Music/Movement
  • Emotional and Social Skills
  • Cognitive Development/Creative Thinking