List Committees

Executive Committee

Will be responsible for leadership and faciliation of the entire King's Men Ministry.

Leadership Committee

Under leadership of Executive Committee, will be responsible for guidance of all components of King's Men Ministry relevant to delegation of tasks and events. Group will be appointed by the E.C.

Steering Committee

Primarily the entire group of KM Captains. Group will be the primary committee for leadership excecution, innovation and implementation. Group will be appointed by the facilitator.

King's Men General Ministry

The is our entire assembly. All brothers that have completed orientation are succeeded into the ministry. The only requirement is a ministry of presence.

Organizational Team

Group will be responsible for the Ministry charter, document recording, rules of order, and administravtive duties (i.e....scheduling and proceedings of meetings.) Responsible for maintaining current roster and information of the King's Men. Will serve as the mouthpiece for the Ministry. Allinter and outer communications will run through this committee. Emails, text messages, fliers, postcards, phone trees, posters, banners, announcements, anything with King's Men on it.

Home Security Team

Will serve as additional sets of eyes any time there is an activity involving a SCCOP facility and/or leader. Will be responsible for additional guidance and steering in the corridors.

Logistics Committee

This group will serve as our "on call" committee for things such as in climate weather, set up and break down at the churhces, and any emergency call from the SCCOP deemed attainable by our facilitator. This group will also assist our Police Officers on Sundays with parking as well as golf carts.

Youth Services Committee

This gruop will be in place for our mentoring programs, SCCOP KM college student accountability program (for OUR male students), helping with our youth (Jr. King's Men, Boy Scouts, etc...), and with the Shalom Study Hall.

Holiday Campaign Committee

This group is responsible for the planning, execution, and facilitation of our Thanksgiving and Christmas campaigns.

Fellowship Team

Will be in place for our New Male Disciple outreach program, our infirmary prayer program, our fellowship events, and our community partnership programs.

Finance Team

This group is responsible for all financial and fundraising requirements related to the King's Men Ministry.

Wisdom Wednesdays

  • Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Location: Lindbergh Campus
  • Classes
  • 7:00pm - 8:15pm
  • General Assembly
  • 8:15pm - 9:00pm