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Meditation April 1

ArielMarriel Aug 2018



weakness is the bane of my existence.

if strength were an equation,
my weakness would negate it.

please just let me be strong.

I've made so much progress, after all.

weakness is a Demon
I can’t control.

a Demon that will swallow me whole.


               Weakness is something that we can’t control.  Sin transformed the nature of humanity.  The

Word tells us that we are born in sin and shaped in iniquity.  Therefore we are imperfect and will never

measure up to God’s holy standard.  In weakness we can ask for God’s strength and God will strengthen

  1. As Christians, we must learn to embrace our weaknesses and place our strength in God. We fully

realize the power of God when we are weak.  So we should constantly put our faith and trust in our

Master and Creator.  Our Lord and Savior leaned on God his father for his power.  This is how Christ

could stand strong against Satan in the desert.  During this Lenten Season, we must ask God for help to

overcome our weaknesses.  God is able for God and God only is the Greatest!!!