The “Generation Next Ministry” is committed to youth empowerment through the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of youth and young adults. On Sunday mornings, students, age 2 through grade 12, are taught the fundamentals of the Christian faith and how to apply the wisdom of scripture to life.

On Wednesday evenings, young people are empowered and enriched through character building and life skill development sessions as well as tutoring and homework support.

The purpose statements for the various branches of Generation Next Ministry are as follows:

1. Generation Next Ministry Classes (Sunday Morning) –By sharing the fundamentals of the Christian faith, we serve to empower students, age 2 through grade 12, to apply the wisdom of scripture to life.

2. “Empowerment Wednesdays” – Young people are empowered and enriched through character building & life skill development sessions, as well as, tutoring and homework support.

 3. Educational Support Ministry (ESM) – The purpose of the Educational Support Ministry is to empower our youth towards excellence at all grade levels of education (K – College). Through tutoring, homework support, college tours and a series of workshops / seminars, the ministry serves to fulfill this purpose.

4. Fall Festival Planning Team – The purpose of this team is to exercise creativity in planning a fun, safe alternative to door – to – door trick or treating while providing an opportunity for children and their families to fellowship. The Fall Festival is normally held on Halloween or a few days prior, depending on the church calendar.

5. HBCU Tour Planning Team – This team serves to plan an annual trip to a cluster of Historically Black Colleges & Universities. The objective of these tours is to empower & inspire young people, grades 8 through 12 towards excellence in education and in life.

6. Generation Next Choir & Presentation Team – This team serves to empower youth to exercise their God-given talents and abilities during worship services. Through the freedom of expression, this ministry nurtures confidence, self-worth and a sense of self.