The purpose of Next Generation In Training is to be diligent in nurturing our youth. During every worship service there is a component for children ages 2- 12.  Classes consist of a bible based lessons and fun learning activities.  


Theater & Drama Ministry

Theater Games and Warm ups, Role Playing, Improv

This class will help equip and enhance anyone who has a dramatic flair for the arts, whether in acting, writing, dancing and singing. Those in attendance will learn guidelines for actors, acting techniques, exercises and games. We will perform some short skits and sketches  in front of the class. Learn the do's and dont's of acting. Be ready to move, project your voice and follow directions from the director. We will also do some writing of monologues as well. Be ready to enjoy yourself, laugh and have fun.

As a commitment to the education of our youth the Educational Support Ministry has gathered some resources that will be helpful to our youth.  The following links are information and resources that can be used to support our youth in their academic journey.   If you have information that is worthy of sharing, please pass it on to the Educational Support Ministry at [email protected].